Medical laboratory water purification machine
1.System alarm for consumable using expiration.

2.Built-in RO membrane anti-scaling program, clean the RO membrane automatically.

3.Machine will be cut off automatically under system alarming of water shortage.

4.Water purification with an integrated reverse osmosis system to transform municipal water to high pure water.

1. Detect the high pure water quality online;

2. Automatic cleaning procedure for RO membrane, extended the machine service life.

3. The production rate of an RO system depends on the water temperature (25 
4. The TOC detector is installed in the circuit of outlet water, the water quality information will be displayed.

5. The operation of this machine is simple and convenient, and the consumable is easy to change(Just pull out the plug and replace it with a new one).

Ds-Series Model Capacity
Power(W) Size
Filter element RO
VE-10LH-DS 10 35 400*450*500 10 inches 75G
VE-20LH-DS 20 35 400*450*500 10 inches 100G
VE-30LH-DS 30 35 400*450*500 10 inches 100G+75G

Working process:

The pretreatment steps of lab purification machine using PP cotton, sand filter, activated carbon filter. 
The main purpose is to remove the suspended solids in raw water, including sediment particles ,organic colloids,organic matter,odor,chlorine and other impurities. 
Then the water enter the Reverse Osmosis system, most of the dissolved salts, bacteria, hot stream will be filtered out, to ensure production water quality meet the standards. 
UV sterilization eliminate the organic matter in water, to ensure the pure water won‘t have any effect on the results of the experiment. 
At last, in order to get high pure water with low conductivity (1 micro Siemens per centimeter), the ultra purification column group is equipped, exchanging the anions and cations with hydroxide ions and hydrogen ions.


The Gas Phase Analysis

Precision Instrument Analysis

Amino Acid Analysis

Reagent Analysis and Drug Dilution Configuration

Liquid Chromatograph

Gas Chromatograph

Atomic Absorption, Atomic Emission

Plasma Emission Spectrum

Model VE-DS Series
Raw Water Tap Water; TDS < 200ppm; 
Water Pressure > 0.1Mpa; 
Water Temperature5 - 45 
Water Production Rate 10 L/H  
20 L/H 
30 L/H
Water Intake Rate 1.5 - 2 L/min
Water Indicators Pure Water:  Salt Rejection Reached 95% - 99
                       Resistivity 3 MΩ.cm@25 
< 15ppb 
>0.22um<1 /ml
                       Microorganism<1 cfu/ml
Power 220V/50Hz 50-60W
Sizemm 400L*450W*500H

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