Compact laboratory ultra-pure water machine: VE-D series.
1. Detect the RO water quality and UP water quality online;

2. The anti-scaling program has been applied to the control system. 
3. One machine with dual water outlet, supplying pure water based on different requirements.

4. The machine is equiped with low water pressure protection and it will cut off automatically when the water shortage.

Ultra-pure water:

Ultra-pure water is treated to the highest levels of purity for all contaminant types, including: organic and inorganic compounds, dissolved and particulate matter, and dissolved gases. The laboratory ultra-pure water machine produce water whose resistance can reach 18.2 Megohm centimeter.

Working process:


IC and ICP-MSTOC Analysis

Organism Analysis

Capillary Electrophoresis

Environmental Experimental Analysis

Gene Research

Tissue Culture


Biochip Development

Kidney Dialysis


Our Ultra-pure water machine equipped durable reverse osmosis membrane, high quality polished resin, static high pressure pump, imported UV equipment with double wavelength (185 nm and 254 nm), PES MWCO 5000D ultra-filtration module, solenoid valve and so on. Different types of water storage tanks can be selected to meet different requirements. The system is one-compact design, low energy consumption, stable performance and automatic control, which is widely used in pharmaceuticals industry, semiconductor industry, chemical industry, laboratory analysis and so on.

Lab ultra-pure 
water machine
Type Model Capacity
PowerW Size
Filter element RO
D series VE-10LH-D 10 35 480*440*510 10 inches 75G
VE-20LH-D 20 35 480*440*510 10 inches 100G
VE-30LH-D 30 35 480*440*510 10 inches 100G+75G
VE-40LH-D 40 50 480*440*510 10 inches 200G


1.Self-developed embedded control system, intelligent design, entire process testing, custom automatic flushing, ensure the ultra-pure water equipment running in the best condition.

2.Humanized control interface, multiple function and simple operation. Displaying important parameters: including conductivity, electrical resistivity, temperature, tank water level and others.

3.Double-current design for pure water and ultra-pure water, it has the function of quantitative water output, getting water according to your demand.

4.Multi-time cycle mode for sterilization and disinfection, using the hydrogen peroxide disinfection, providing a better protection for operators and filter posts, ensuring ultra pure water quality.

Name Ultra-pure Water Purifier System
Pretreatment 1 μm Deep PP Filter Element * 2
Activated Carbon Filter Element 
Softening Filter(optional)
Reverse Osmosis 100GPDRO Reverse Osmosis
Or 70GPDRO Reverse Osmosis
Rear Purification Deionized Ultra Pure Resin (USA) 
254 nm uv lamp component
Electrical Resistivity 18.25MΩ·cm (under 25)
Heavy Metal Ion <0.1ppb
TOC <5 ppb
Microbes/Bacteria <1 CFU/ml
PM <1 /ml
Quality of Inlet Water Tap Water (TDS<200ppm)
Pressure of Inlet Water 0.1MPa-0.3MPa
Water Temperature Range 5-45
Water Production Rate 10L/H--100L/H
Instant Water Production Rate 2L/min for RO Water
1.8L/min for UP Water
Power Supply 220V/50Hz
System Monitoring Ultra-pure Water Quality
RO Water Quality
Water Temperature
Consumables Used Situation
Regular and Quantitative Water Intake
Standard Configuration Host
Ultra-pure Package
Pressure Bucket
Accessory Package
Size 480mm*440mm*510mm

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