DI/Deionized Water System for Thermal Power Industry

1. Output water resistivity: ≥ 15MΩ·CM(25)

2. Modular design, compact construction.

3. Qualified deionized water can be produced continuously.

4. Full-automatic control with PLC & touch screen

5. Online water quality monitoring system.

6. Easy maintenance, low running cost.

7. USA DOW RO membrane, with excellent performance.

8. Germany Siemens EDI, with high efficiency.

9. CNP SUS pump, durable and low running noise.

10. System stops automatically in case of water shortage or tank full.

What is EDI?

EDI is short for electrodeionization which is a continuously desalination technology by electrolysis. It is a combination of electrodialysis and ion exchanging technology which is a revolutionary creation in water treatment industry. The EDI module is a great improvement of conventional ion exchange mixed bed.


How does EDI work?

EDI utilizes an electrode to ionize water molecules and separate dissolved ions (impurities) from water. It differs from other water treatment technologies because it does not use chemicals and is usually a pretreatment to reverse osmosis (RO). EDI is a continuous process. The ion exchange resins are continuously regenerated by the DC electric field. There is no “breakthrough” as happens in conventional ion exchange operations, therefore the quality of the water remains at a constant high level of purity. The electric field also provides a bacteriostatic environment inside of the EDI cell, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and other organisms.

Processing Technology

Equipment Introduction

A complete EDI ultra pure water equipment is composed of pretreatment system, two stage RO host, PH regulating system, EDI module, water storage tank, and control system. 

The two stage RO system is installed to guarantee the water quality is suitable to enter EDI module so as to protect the EDI. And also water is mildly acidic after RO processing, which is harmful to EDI module. So PH adjustor is added to guarantee the water before entering the module is neutral. 

The advantages of EDI system is as follows: 

1. No need acid-alkali regeneration, avoid relative dangerous chemical dealing and heavy duty. 
2. Environmental friendly and cost-effective.

2. Continuous process and stable water quality.
3. Compact construction and modularization, so less space occupation and easy maintenence.
4. The water recovery of EDI system is 90%-95%.


1. Modular design, fully automatic control.

2. Raw water tank, 1-stage and 2-stage pure water tank, RO membrane and EDI module can be automatically washed.

3. Different modules will automatically switch to self-circulation mode, which guarantees no dead water exists.

4. Low pressure switch is equipped to protect the high pressure pump form damage in case of water cut.

5. Water quality monitoring system continuously showing out the output water quality to prevent production loss from unqualified water.

6. Pressure monitoring system is equipped to RO membrane to figure out the washing time for RO membrane.

7. Water tank is equipped with liquid level controller.

8. Top brand pump, gauge and RO membrane is adopted.

9. Sanitary tubes are automatic welded and endoscope tested to guarantee evenly welding without dead angle. So that the tube system could be easily clean and hard for bacteria breed. Then output water quality is guaranteed.

Solution ways

Output water quality

Processing technology


Conductivity ≤ 10us/cm

1-stage RO system


Conductivity ≤ 5us/cm

2-stage RO system


Conductivity ≤ 2us/cm

2-stage RO system

Full SUS

Resistivity: ≥ 15MΩ·CM

2-stage RO system + EDI


Resistivity: ≥ 18.25MΩ·CM

2-stage RO system + EDI + Polishing


Application Field

Manufacturing Industry

Automobile, Glasses, Steel Material, Textile, Papermaking etc.

Electrical Power Industry

Boiler, Thermal power, Generation, System cooling, Water recycling etc.

Electroplating Industry

Film Coating, Lighting, Cooling, metal plating etc.

Opto-electronics Industry

Photovoltaic, Opto-electronics, New energy, LED lights etc.

Electronics Industry

Electrical appliance, chip, circuit board, singlechip etc.

Energy Industry

Semi-conductor, Silicon material, Polysilicon, Metal extraction etc.

Chemical industry

Petrochemical, Reaction cooling, Solution prepare, Material producing and processing etc.

Fine Chemicals Industry

Wet wipes, Face mask, Skincare, Shampoo, Hair dye, Tooth paste, Hand sanitizer, Detergent, cosmetics etc.

Pharmaceuticals Industry

Medical device producing, bioengineering, bio-medicine, oral liquid pharmacy, medical material extraction etc.

Operation Parameters



Raw Water

Tap water or groundwater (Conductivity ≤ 400μS/cm)

Output Water

Resistivity ≥ 15MΩ·CM

Power consumption

According to the capacity


Auto operation, PLC & touch screen

Back Washing Frequency

Vary between 1 to 3 days according to the input water quality

Chemical Washing Frequency

According to the membrane material and polluted situation


Compact construction, stable operation and reliable output water

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