Integration Sewage Equipment
1. Pre-engineered, pre-fabricated structures result in lower cost

2. Unit is easily transported to the customer’s project site

3. Design allows for quick turnaround time for delivery and installation

4. Treatment System is simple to operate and requires low manpower

5. Effective extended aeration principal

6. User friendly – low and easy maintenance

7. Regulatory compliant

8. Custom design / application specific systems

9. Long service life

Sewage Treatment 

Sewage treatment may also be referred to as wastewater treatment. However, the latter is a broader term which can also refer to industrial wastewater. For most cities, the sewer system will also carry a proportion of industrial effluent to the sewage treatment plant which has usually received pre-treatment at the factories themselves to reduce the pollutant load. If the sewer system is a combined sewer then it will also carry urban runoff (stormwater) to the sewage treatment plant. Sewage water can travel towards treatment plants via piping and in a flow aided by gravity and pumps. The first part of filtration of sewage typically includes a bar screen to filter solids and large objects which are then collected in dumpsters and disposed of in landfills. Fat and grease is also removed before the primary treatment of sewage.

Hongsen Domestic Sewage treatment Equipment

Hongsen Domestic Sewage treatment Equipment is buried below the surface, the surface above the equipment can be used for greening or other land, there is no need to build houses and heating, heat preservation....

The equipment adopts international advanced treatment process in the sewage treatment plant in China and on the basis of operating experience, combined with our own scientific research and engineering practice, design a kind of can be set up ground of complete sets of organic wastewater treatment plant, removal of BOD5, COD and NH3 - N in one, with technology is stable and reliable performance, good treatment effect, saving investment, automatic operation, maintenance is easy to operate, not covering surface area, no need to build a house, also no need to heating of the heat preservation, etc. Flowers and grass can be planted above the ground without affecting the surrounding environment.

Process Flow Chart

Working principle


The package sewage treatment plant utilizes the biological extended aeration principle of operation, which is a variation of the activated sludge treatment process.  This system functions by creating an environment with sufficient oxygen levels and agitation to allow for bio-oxidation of the wastes to suitable levels for discharge.

In treatment process,microorganism use this organic matter as their food source.  With the aerate process,bacteria updata and contact ,degrade the pollutant in the sewage. The package plant provide a anaerobic - anoxic - oxic environment, highly improve the effction of denitrification and dephosphorization.

After treated,the water will be disinfected and discharged.

The suspended matter will sedimentate to the bottom after add PAM,PAC,and move out with sludge pump timely.

Application Area

1. Hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals.

2. Residential areas, village, town.

3. Stations, airports, port terminals and ship.

4. Factories, mines, military, tourist, scenic.

5. All kinds of industrial wastewater similar with domestic sewage.

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