MBR Sewage Treatment Plant
Compare to traditional activated sludge,
MBR has the following advantages

1.  0.05 micro membrane filtering outlet water, the effluent water suspended solid
     and turbidity can close to zero, can be reuse directly.

2.  Compare to traditional treatment system, it can save 50% land usable area;

4.  The micro-organism concentration in bio-reactor can reach 5000-8000 mg/L,
     with high biochemistry efficiency, strong impact resistance.

5.  System with high automation degree, adopt PLC control, can realize
     whole automatic control;
MBR Water Reuse

MBR is a kind of sewage treatment technics which combine Superfine filter components and bioreactor. Membrane separation plant hold back the activated sludge and macromolecule in biochemical reaction basin, omit secondary settling pond. the sludge depth greatly improved, HRT and SRT can separately control, the nonbiodegradable material constant reaction ,degradation in reactor. Membrane bio-reactor system greatly intensify the bioreactor function by membrane separation.

Process Flow Chart

Main Treatment Unit

1. Screen channel

Install Manual screen or mechanical bar screen in the screen channel,they can remove large particles in the waste water,such as plastic bag,Pericarp,Remnant,etc.

2. Equilization tank

This tank is used to adjust the wastewater quantity and quality in different time,make sure the inffluent water have the same quality,which will better for the following treatment.

3. Anoxic tank

The anoxia tank use anaerobic bacteria to hydrolysis, acidate and methanated the COD and BOD. Remove organic matter in waste water, and improve the biodegradability of sewage, is conducive to the subsequent aerobic treatment.

4. MBR bio-reaction tank

MBR bio-reaction tank and aerobic tank can be combined together.The role of aerobic tank is to make activated sludge to take on aerobic respiration,further decomposition of organic matter into inorganic matter.MBR bio-reaction tank trap activated sludge and other matters,clean water will be suck out by sucking pump.

5. Sludge tank

There are set sludge collecting hopper and sludge pipeline in sludge tank bottom, in order to convenient for sludge concentration, set weir water tank in top, there open mud discharge inlet in bottom, rely on static pressure automatic discharge mud.

6. Cleaning water tank

7. Operation room

Function and application scope

1). Already existing sewage treatment plant,running water factory upgrade,reform 
2). Municipal sewage treatment plant,running water factory new instruction
3). pure water production pretreatment 
4). Reuse of reclaimed water

Application scope:
1). Hotel,restaurant,community etc domestic sewage treatment recycle
2). Industrial and mining enterprises,remote village,sentry ,tourist area etc domestic sewage recycle. 
3). Each kind of industrial sewage (similar to domestic sewage) :such as hospital sewage,
     pharmaceutical sewage ,washing sewage,food sewage etc.

 Influent and effluent water quality

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