Chemical wastewater treatment equipment
1. Long service life and low operating cost.

2. Removes COD and chroma in wastewater significantly.

3. Treatment for chemical wastewater which contains a variety of organic and refractory pollutants.

4. Remove the phosphorus through chemical precipitation, and remove the heavy metal by reduction reaction.

5. Can be used as a pretreatment for substandard wastewater, which removes the COD and improve the biodegradability of wastewater at same time.

Chemical wastewater

The chemical wastewater has more complex composition and contains a large amount of pollutants, the raw material might be solvent-based substances or cyclic structure compounds, which is hard to remove from the wastewater. The BOD is less than COD because many substance  is not biodegradable in wastewater. The characteristics of chemiacl wastewater are discharge in large amount, high toxicity, high organic matter concentration, high salt, high chroma, high content of difficult-to-degrade compounds, which decided the treatment process is complex and difficult.

Working process

To separate the solids and liquid in influent and effluent water, mechanical  includes sedimentation,PH adjusting,  oxidation, coagulation , anaerobic reaction. Coagulation and flocculation chemicals are used in the treatment process for water clarification, lime softening, sludge thickening, and solids dewatering and removal. In addition, we have specific chemical treatments for the wastewater needs of various industries, such as: heavy metals removal, oil or water emulsions, paint detakification, odor control, and defoaming.

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