High salt wastewater concentrate and treatment system
1. The filtrate can be reused effectively.

2. Automatic control system, easy to operate.

3. Equipment investment and operating cost have been reduced.

4. The system using modular design, which can be adjusted according to different demands.

5. High salt wastewater enters filtration system to became concentrated salt water which will be in further treatment with MVR.

High-salt wastewater
High-salt wastewater is one kind of chemical wastewater with large output and difficult to treat. Generally speaking, the salt type is complicated, the organic matter is difficult to degrade, and the treatment cost is high. Many industry producing high salt wastewater, salty contents includes: chloride, sulfate, sodium, calcium and so on. The normally method for treatment process is evaporation and crystallization.

Working process

1. Wastewater concentrate:

High-salt wastewater is collected in the raw water tank, and filtered through the quartz sand filter and the precision filter. Then the wastewater enters the membrane module through a high pressure pump. Wastewater is separated into high-salt concentrated water and producing water in the module, the high-salt concentrated water will be treated through MVR equipment.
Concentration of high-salt wastewater as a pretreatment of MVR, saving processing time and reducing energy consumption of MVR.

2.  MVR:
MVR (mechanical vapor recompression) 
The MVR compresses the secondary steam generated by the evaporator through the adiabatic compression of the compressor to increase the pressure and temperature, and sends it as heated steam to the heating chamber of the evaporator. Then the condensation will exothermic, the latent heat of the steam is recycled.

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